Who am I

My name is John Kapili. Like you I had many problems with my Electrolux Product. I called Electrolux and soon became frustated. I set up this page hopefully to inform consumers of the way Electrolux treats their customers. This page will also allow Electrolux Consumers to email their frustrations to me so that WE help pass the word around. If you wish to fill out the email form below.


Stuff I do

I speakup when things are wrong. I garden and have a small farm. Raise goats and chickens. I have been involved with computers and some programming since the early ninties.

  • Justice

  • Grow

  • Farm

  • Computers


One more thing

Some big business think that they can ignore their customers. They are very wrong. Speak up and let others know how you feel. Check out thinkyoustink.org for a place to vent or see what others are talking about.